Cucina Del Nonno is a dedicated and passionate team of people who create pre-prepared, ready-to-eat Italian meals for sale to supermarkets, delis, cafes, restaurants, fruit shops & meat / chicken outlets around Victoria.

In a society that has no time but longs for good food, our solution is a range of tasty, hand-made, restaurant quality meals that are ready to "Heat and Eat". Our concept is truly unique in the marketplace and as our products are affordable and easy to prepare, they suit on-the-go families and busy career-driven individuals alike.

Our three main product lines are
Pasta ( See the Our Products Tab )
Pizza ( See the Our Products Tab )
Arancini ( See the Arancini Tab )

All our meals are hand created
All our meals come from traditional Italian recipes
All our meals come fresh (vacuum packed)

All our food is made in-house and is not mass produced so we can guarantee you'll receive only the best every time.

We use the highest quality fresh ingredients. There are no colorings, preservatives, flavourings, flavour enhancers (MSG), gums or thickeners added to any of our products. This provides customers with food that is not only more nutritious, but better tasting.

In the multi-cultural society we live, we are surrounded by a vast array of delicious food flavours from around the world. Everybody loves Italian food and we know from experience that our products sell well across many different demographics.

The real proof is in the product. You can taste the difference and if you like it then we would love to hear from you.


In 2007, Cucina Del Nonno opened the first Arancini bar outside of Italy. It was located in the heart of Melbourne under the banner Rice all Round. In 2009, the business relocated to our current address and introduced new foods to it’s product range and changed it’s name to Cucina Del Nonno.

Cucina Del Nonno prides itself on bringing you food from traditional Italian recipes. Our team have been perfecting Italian cooking for up to 50 years.

Our Grandfather (or Nonno) is the inspiration to our cucina and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching him cook, you’ll see the love he puts into his food.

Here at Cucina Del Nonno, we strive to do just that and believe that the secret to good food is the people that make it.